July 27, 2008

Blazinstreetz.com interview

Doe & Rizzle Interview @ BlazinStreetz.com
After I had been playing a bit of phone tag, I was fortunate enough to catch up with G.O.O.D. music’s newest fly boy Really Doe from the Windy City. I felt privileged that he still wanted to do this exclusive interview with me after we had missed each other for about a week straight and my schedule got crazy hectic here at the Blazin’ Office.
In talking to Doe, I learned a lot about him and his recent emergence on the Chicago music scene and his new laidback sound designed for a laid back guy. I also unearthed some facts about Doe that the average person would not have known like how he was the subject matter of “Just to Get By” on Kanye’s first album, College Dropout.
The end result is that this was the best damn interview that I’ve had in my short journalism career and I want to give big ups to Doe and his manager Shon for taking time out of their busy schedule to chop it up with me. After all the B.S., we rapped about his rapping, his relationship with Kanye, and his upcoming album. See what Doe had to say in our interview.
Rizzle: When G.O.O.D. Music was formed, did you ever think within your wildest imagination that you’d be working with Kanye, Lupe, Common, or John Legend, the Chi’s finest really all under one label?
Really Doe: Yeah, I always knew we were going to be great. I’ve been friends with Kanye for 15 years and he took me under his wing and gave me a chance. We are good friends that just know how to separate business and relationships. Our competition isn’t just the local Chicago acts or the mainstream radio, it’s the whole world.
Rizzle: Your solo album is entitled “Green.” Why did you choose that for the title of your first LP?
Really Doe: The title relates to my personality. When I first started out B, I was known for writing for local acts and doing features. As I sat on the porch lookin’ at women go by on the block, I just remember sitting and thinking damn, I’m in the wrong business! So, I started rapping on the serious tip.
Rizzle: I heard the production and the features on this joint were outstanding for a debut, something like Game’s first album. Can you tell us who’s gonna be getting it in on your first LP?
Really Doe: Well you know of course my man Kanye’s gonna be on a couple of tracks. That’s a given, I didn’t even think I’d have to mention him. Also, I got Dante Winslow who did the horns on the “We Major” joint on there. I’m basically going to have a nice group of young, up and coming producers on the album to give me that new sound y’all been lookin’ for.
Rizzle: That’s wassup!! Would you say that G.O.O.D. Music’s name has anything to do with that?
Really Doe: Naw, just the opposite. I already had these producers lined up and I didn’t want errbody to think that I was just riding Kanye’s back nah mean? It’s like, why should I have to play the King or Queen cards now if I don’t have to? It’s only my first album.
Rizzle: You did a song with Jennifer Hudson on Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nuthin” mixtape broadening your musical horizons and potentially your overall fan base. Will you continue to use the crossover music effect in the future?
Really Doe: Oh most definitely! I also did a song with her on DJ Moon’s Magnetic Powell too. I also used it on my new single “Plastic” ft. Kanye and as you can see, it’s the iTunes song of the month right now. The crossover effect is what’s up. I just want to be what 2Pac was to women, but still have the respect from the streets.
Rizzle: Do you believe crossover acts such as you, Busta Rhymes, and someone like Nelly are vital to selling more albums and ring tones nowadays?
Really Doe: Yep, because it’s not about music anymore. People have to love you and your personality to love your music as well. You have to learn how to appeal to everyone, not just the hood and the streets.
Rizzle: Every artist has a story to tell. What message do you want to convey to your critics and nonbelievers on your first album?
Really Doe: I want everybody to compare my album to your favorite album and be very open-minded about this one. Just listen to it. Everyone is gonna love this shit! It’s for the whole world, not just the streets. My name will be mentioned when music is mentioned, period.
Rizzle: Kanye puts on one hell of a show, performing the Touch the Sky Tour which you were also in a couple of years back in Columbia, MO. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Tell us how electric it can be just being on stage with him.
Really Doe: Oh it’s electric as hell!! He gives an awesome performance. We just work hard at what we do and I learn from him. Now I’m currently doin’ the Glow n the Dark Tour with Kanye just like the last tour.
Rizzle: Which feature do you feel brought out the best of you before you were known, the one that put you on the map?
Really Doe: “We major” definitely put me on first.
Rizzle: Which song on the new album do you want your listeners to anticipate the most?
Really Doe: I want my listeners to really pay attention to Plastic, but listen to all my songs. This album is gonna be a classic. The corporate world and the block can relate to what I’m saying on there.
Rizzle: How do you stay grounded and focused being mentioned with such a prominent group of Chicago’s best artists?
Really Doe: I like to do things my way unlike everyone else. I got to change lives here
And I want my family to be straight. It’s my first album released to the world too, so I got to reach out to the Chi. An artist should always have a place at home no matter what.
Rizzle: You were seen online with a Gold Mac Book. Not too many people in the industry can say that they copped one of those. How did you come across that and what did it run you?
Really Doe: Yo, dat’s not mines. It’s CB’s (Chris Brown’s) I seen that and I said “Yeah son, you snapped on that one!”
Rizzle: How well does Reallydoeblog.blogspot.com do? How does it propel your fan base and rap supporters?
Really Doe: It’s doing pretty good. It keeps me and the fans in touch worldwide. They get to hear my personal life and a lot of my music. Stayin’ with the streets and your fans is the key.

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