September 16, 2009

Really Doe Interview w/ Hip Hop At Lunch & Listening Session Footage

Really Doe Interview with (9/9/09)

Really Doe - Sew It Up

Really Doe - Million Dolla

Enjoying the success of his debut album, Really Doe will be touring with Kanye West and Lady Gaga this fall, as well as headlining the 15th Annual Music Fest and Fireworks Extravaganza in San Francisco. He’ll also be making an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show on October 16th.


bdinero said...

What sample was used on Sew It Up?

Weonit said...
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Weonit said...

He's doing pretty well.

I wanna share this group called We On It Entertainment. They do hip hop songs. Their songs are awesome!

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